Annual Gene Therapy Symposium for
Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases
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UC Davis


3rd Annual Gene Therapy Symposium for Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases
Focus Topic: In Vivo Imaging
November 17-19, 2004 - Sonoma, California

Student/Fellow Presentations


Thursday, November 18


Yuyou Duan, PhD, UC Davis Medical Center
Construction and Use of a Liver-specific Lentivirus
Vectorfor the Differentiation of Human Embryonic
Stem Cells (hESC) Along a Hepatocyte Lineage
Jacqueline Fischer-Lougheed, PhD,
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Lentiviral Vectors to Induce Chimerism for the
Gal Carbohydrate Following BMT and
Sublethal Irradiation
Cristiana Iosef, PhD, University of Western Ontario
Down-Regulation of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I
Receptor (IGF-1R) is Not Sufficient to Abrogate the
Proliferation of Rhabdomyosarcoma (RD) Cells
Christoph A. Kahl, PhD,
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Busulfan Dose Escalation to Increase Gene Marking of Hematopoietic Stem Cells by Lentiviral Vectors in Infant Rhesus Monkeys

Chang I. Lee, PhD, University of California, Davis
Effects of Growth Factors and Simian Foamy Virus
Infection on the Growth and Differentiation of
Adult Rhesus Monkey Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Mi-Young Lee, BS, University of California, Davis
Sustained Reduction of Serum Homocysteine by
Naked Plasmid DNA Gene Delivery
Mingjie Li, PhD, City of Hope National Medical Center Synergistic Inhibition of HIV-1 Infection by shRNA, Ribozyme and RNA Decoy Delivered by Lentiviral Vectors
Michelle R. McCombs, MS,
University of California, Davis
Incorporation of a Hepatocyte-Specific Compound in Polycationic Liposomes Enhances Gene Transfection in Hep G2 Cells

Ryan Rodriguez, BS,
University of California, San Francisco
Manipulation of OCT4 Levels in Human Embryonic
Stem Cells Results in Induction of Differential Cell Types
Mary B. Rucker, PhD, University of Florida
Gene Transfer to Nonhuman Primate Diaphragm and Peritoneum Using rAAV1 Vectors


Friday, November 19


Jesper Bonde, PhD, Washington University
Multi-Color p27kip1 Based Flow Cytometric Assay for Evaluation of Early Cell Cycle Responses in Human Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells Subjected to a Clinically Applicable Ex Vivo Protocol

Andreea M. Catana, MD, UC Davis Medical Center, Novel Approaches to Image Liver Cell Transplantation
Jason J. Hoyt, BS, Stanford University
Non-Viral, Site-Specific Gene Transfer into Murine
Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Maria L. Mouchess, BS,
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
In Vivo Multi-Modality Imaging of a Neuroblastoma
Bone Invasion Model

Maya Otto-Duessel, MS,
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Parameter
Cardiac T2* Reflects Cardiac Iron in the Gerbil Model of Iron Cardiomyopathy

Christina A. Pacak, BS,
University of Florida
MRI for Characterization and Gene Therapy
Evaluation in Murine Models of
Muscular Dystrophy

Joylette Portlock, BS, Stanford University
PhiC31 Integrase as a Tool: Gene Therapy for Angiogenesis
Takeya Sato, PhD,
University Health Network, Toronto
Bioluminescent Imaging of a Marking Transgene
Product in Mice Resulting from Neonatal Injection of a Recombinant Lentiviral Vector
Andrew C. Wilber, MS, University of Minnesota
In Vivo Imaging of Promoter Strength in the Mouse Liver following Systemic Delivery of Plasmid DNA

Yongfeng Yang, PhD, University of California, Davis, microPET II: A High Resolution PET Scanner for In Vivo Small Animal Imaging